Pure I9.2 vac doing crazy things

Hi team,

I have recently purchased 2 i9.2 vac's one down stairs one upstairs.

Downstairs unit seems to be no issue, upstairs unit I had to manually perform firmware update to match downstairs unit. V42.19

Downstairs unit misses the main bedroom and randomly stops. Its having moments, the vac does constant circles and seems to loose its way.

Do I need to re set the unit, reboot, reinstall the firmware or something else?

Any suggestions would be great


  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭


    About the firmware update: Have you connected the upstairs unit to the internet, using your app? (So you can start it from the app and see its maps.) If so, it should automatically update itself to the latest firmware release.

    I don't think you need to reset or reinstall the downstairs unit - this sounds like a problem related to the environment that the robot is driving in. Is there a threshold to the main bedroom, that the robot might miss or decide not to climb over? And does it happen every time, or just now and then?

    Is there some special place where the robot usually drives in circles and seems lost? If so, maybe you can post a picture of that environment? That may give some clues to what is happening. If the robot gets stuck on something or slips a lot on a difficult carpet, this may happen. Then you could create a FloorPlan of the downstairs floor and add that problem area as an AvoidZone.

    Hope it helps!

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