Farewell to the Forum and Pure i9 goodbye

I'm a long-time Electrolux customer, I've owned several of the brand's home appliances for years.

Due to the issue I had with my Pure i9 after the last firmware update in mid-July I am quite disappointed In the end I feel that despite being an expensive device, Electrolux has released it without much refinement in firmware and app, giving the impression of beta tester to this day

The hardware is undoubtedly excellent, even the shape of the robot could be better used when cleaning corners and edges of furniture as well as furniture feet.There is still a long way to go to get there

I sent the product back to Electrolux, and demanded my money back and just bought a Roborock s5-Max and now I can see a product extremely well resolved, the app is absurdly more complete, full of functions, and as hardware

Despite my prejudice with Chinese products, this Roborock surprised me in all aspects. I appeal to Electrolux to pay more attention to customers of this particular product, as in addition to being an expensive product, we create expectations about its use and features

Thank you and see you next time

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