Does the room mapping stop when I store the map?


troubles with the pet again. Or maybe features that I consider as a trouble. Well. Finally, after quite many full cleaning runs (mapping purposes), software updates etc Something that actually resembles my house layout appeared in the app. Woohoo. Win. It is still not perfect, but silly me, I hoped that when I define zones and what have you, the little animal still keeps on mapping and discovering new corners etc. Well. Tough luck, seems not.

So, is it so that when I save the map in app, define zone (with plenty of of space around the mapped area), mapping stops and it will forever stay in the previously saved map?


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    It used to be the case that adding zones would lock the map- this has been changed so that you have to explicitly lock the map, indicating that you are happy for it not to evolve further.

    At the moment, though, you can't add zones to an unlocked map. We are working on this. Note that your zones don't need to be entirely within the mapped area of your home. For example if there is a room the robot hasn't yet been into, you can encourage it to go there by creating a zone for this room that overlaps the mapped part of the home. The overlap is necessary to give the robot a path to the new area.

    Note also, that there may be a good reason why the robot hasn't been into that room. A threshold which the robot can't see or climb over, for example.

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