Connection issue

Can't connect robot to the app. I tried to unplug then re-plug the robot then reinstall the app but connections was still unsuccessful. WiFi light on the robot is solid. This message appears after scanning/inputting the barcode.

"connection error, cannot communicate with the robot. Try again later."

Best Answer


  • Before trying the onboarding again try a restart of the robot.
    Long press play until you see OFF in the display. Insert in the charger to restart.

    Please let us know how it goes

  • I have lost the connection after i changed my router. I tried to reinstall the software and connection but got stucked at wifi setting page. Any way to reset the purei9 software to factory settings?

  • I've got the same issue. I would like to be able to reset the purei9 to its factory default and also remove the robot from my cloud account so I can add it again.

    What are our options? The robot refuses to connect to wifi and the wifi flicks on and off. The rest of the house is fully connected to the router with no issues

  • Edit: fixed!!! Disabled 5GHz and ran setup again. Worked like a charm!!!

  • Huawei p9 plus cannot connect to robot.

    Is it phone issue?

  • Hi Noi,
    It should not be a phone issue.
    What is the symptom, where in the onboarding process does it fail?

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