Tips for saving a floor map

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We have had a number of questions about robots cleaning but not saving maps which can be used to create zones. They have been answered in different threads, but we thought we'd condense them into one entry here which is easier to find, so:

Check that the robot starts and ends in the charger with a reliable connection. This can be confirmed by the blinking of the battery symbol when the robot enters the charger. Note that dirty charging pads on the robot or the charger are a common cause of a bad connection.

Additionally, the robot will only save a floor map if it cleans at least 8sqm while properly localized throughout the cleaning session.

Therefore, if the robot is not saving a map after starting and ending in the charger and cleaning a big enough area, try reducing the accessible space. Since the robot can drift on some carpets, try blocking them first, and performing a cleaning session to check if it generates a floor map. After a map is created, the robot can expand on it as long as the above requirements are fulfilled and the map is not locked(saved). Therefore, you can unblock areas until the disorienting area is found. Moreover, avoid-zones can be defined on the floor map to help the robot prevent getting into trouble. 

If you have a map which appears distorted, it is better to delete it and have the robot make a new one than to try and use the distorted map to control the robot.


  • petpet Member

    Are the maps stored in the cloud and available via the API for example for Home Assistant integration?

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    There are a few different types of map. The ones the robot displays on the app, which show where the robot has cleaned, are stored in the cloud, so they can be shown in the cleaning history.

    The maps which the robot uses for navigation, along with the zones for cleaning etc. are not stored in the cloud, other than briefly on their way between the robot and the app. They are maintained locally on the robot for improved performance and autonomy.

    Home assistant integration has been available via IFTTT for some time, but zone functionality has not been implemented for this interface, just simpler commands like start/stop/pause.

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