Not able to save a map

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Sorry if this is a recurring question, Im new to this.

I started using the pure i9 today, updated it to the latest firmware, and I left it doing it’s job. After it finished cleaning, Im not able to save the maps. I can see the map in the history tab, but when I click to edit it, it then says I dont have any map yet. Should I wait a little longer so it can clean my place a few more times?



  • Hi,

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    The map needs to fulfill certain quality criteria to be saved. Even if it's displayed in the history view, it can be rejected if the robot had to search for the charger to get back, since it means that the map may have some inconsistency in it. (Or if you stopped the cleaning before the robot got back to the charger again.)

    Just try again if you didn't get a saved map, and if you notice that the robot has a problem somewhere, or seems to get stuck or slip so it gets lost, you can either remove that obstacle or block off that part of the home. Once it gets a "good" run and returns back to the charger, you should get a map that you can save.

    Hope that helps!

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