How to store another map?

CacheCache Member

I bought PI92-4STN few days ago, now i am "testing" it.

We live in house with two floors.

We have placed charging base in groud floor, run full cycle multiple times and store map.

Then we carried vacuum upstairs - without charging base - and run full cycle for the first time.

It finished and parked at start position.

Why i can't store second map without base (according to the faq in Wellbeing app)? Is this some kind of joke? Why is mandatory to move charging base between floors?


  • RaresRares Member

    Hello - did you received any answer to your post?


  • CacheCache Member

    No. Nobody answeres here, nobody answers from local official importer. Nobody cares, Electrolux customer care simply does not exist.

    Only option is carry (or buy) charging base to every floor.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    Sorry, we missed this one somehow.

    Yes, you will need to temporarily move the charger to any new area where you want to make a map. Finding its charger is the only way the robot can guarantee that it is really back where it started.

    Once the map has been created, you can move the charger back downstairs and leave it there. It is not necessary to have a charger on each floor, if you are happy to carry the robot downstairs to charge the batteries.

    If you want to clean zones in the upstairs area, put the robot more or less where the charger was when you recorded the map and start it from there.

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