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my purei9 used to cleand the carpet in the hallway. It got some problem charging and we sent it to repair. When we got it back it was formated so it had to surf the home again to get the map. Now it's avoiding the same carpet which is just a regular thick ikea carpet. What can i do?




  • Hi Sorena, as long as you haven't added an AvoidZone on the carpet, the robot makes a new decision every cleaning when it gets to the carpet. If it avoids it altogether, it's because the carpet edge looks to high/thick, and if it drives up on the carpet, rotates one lap and then drives back down, it's because the carpet surface looks too rough to drive on.

    I'm guessing that your carpet is just on the limit of what we allow, and that the new or repaired robot has a slight difference in is measurements, compared to before. We don't have any way to change that, but we've noticed that sometimes turning the carpet 180 degrees can be enough to change the behavior and make the robot climb it.

    Out of curiosity - what IKEA carpet is it? We've got quite an assortment of IKEA carpets in the lab, for testing carpet behavior. Maybe we need to add another one?

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