Inspiration and help for IFTTT

Since the IFTTT home automation service went live last week I have been experimenting with my setup.
Before I have had my robots (one robot for each floor of the house) scheduled so that the robots clean every weekday starting from 09:00 in the morning.

The first thing I realised that I need is a voice command hub so I bought the Amazon Echo dot 2 and integrated with the system. Now all robots can start from one voice command. I also implemented pause and go home, all the commands address more than one robot. It is quiet neat and saved some time when we left the house during the weekend and wanted the robots to clean. Everyday cleaning is a luxury but when we got used to the mess after the kids breakfast being gone when we get home there is no going back :)

The second thing that I'm experimenting with is to stop the robots when I come home. So far I have had some issues with the exactness of the geo location. On our way out one of the triggers stopped a robot when I stopped at the store which should be out of the marked area. Think that is just some trimming before I get the boundries right.

What have you done with IFTTT so far?
Let's support each other so that we get the maximum of useful stuff out of this!


  • Hej Martin,

    This is super great! I just saw your message now, sorry for the delay. I will test IFTTT in the next days and come back here with my comments. It look super excited!!

  • Hi again,

    So I tested yesterday my robot (Sugis) with Google Assistant via IFTTT. It works perfectly! :)

    One of the big benefits I found about it is to start cleaning in non-scheduled times. We always clean twice a week, but in some days when it looks a bit dirty or when we are about to receive guests we might want to start an extra cleaning, so the voice command becomes a good feature!

    I have created these applets:

    Hey Google:

    • Start cleaning (the most important command!) ;)
    • Bring Sugis home (so the robot goes home / return to original position)
    • Cancel cleaning (cleaning is canceled)
    • Pause cleaning (cleaning is paused)
    • Start spot cleaning

    I haven't tested another applets yet, but using geo location or the Flic button can be nice in some occasions too.

    All in all, it's a very good feature! Congrats to all involved.

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