House Mapping issue - Electrolux PI92-6GSM PUREi9.2

sreekanthsreekanth Member

Electrolux PI92-6GSM PUREi9.2 is having house mapping issues. App is not allowing to create zones.


  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    When the robot creates a map, there are two criteria that must be met in order for it to create a permanent map. It must end the cleaning in the charger and it must not get lost "too much." That it stops cleaning in the charger is very easy to check but it is more diffuse and harder to see if it gets lost.

    Some tips to make it easier for the robot:

    Do not lift it during cleaning

    Block or roll up carpets (explanation below)

    Make sure that it does not get caught in anything during cleaning

    Give it a few times.

    Why some carpets are difficult and the robot has location problems after it has been moved.

    Our robot takes pictures of laser lines as it shoots out from the lasers on each side of the camera. Those images are analyzed to "see" the world. The robot positions each image based on where in the room the robot is located, it is absolutely crucial to know where in the room each new image is.

    When the robot runs on heavy carpets, it happens that it gets a drift, the robot is further or shorter from the zero point than it thinks.

    The 3D-vision system gives the robot the opportunity to see things in front of it and avoid running over small things. The negative thing about our system is the drift on certain carpets.

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