Robot problems after firmware 42.19

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My pure i9.2 robot was working fine until upgrading to firmware 42.19

After the update it is acting in an awkward way and outside the usual cleaning pattern, now it never does a complete cleaning, right after starting it is stuck in a corner of the map running, and always returning to the same place. After a while the battery runs out or it returns to the starting location and informs that the cleaning is complete (without even cleaning 10% of the map)

As I'm pretty sure the problem is the firmware, I'd like to go back to using version 42.18

So I want to know where I can download the .BIN file to install ?



  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭
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    You are not allowed to go backwards.

    I doubt it's the firmware. Force the bot to do a restart and then place on its charger and see if it's any better.

  • MrBrezelMrBrezel Member

    I have the same feeling! After the update I get constant "not able to finish cleaning" or it stops midway and says it finished cleaning.

    It is also getting stuck under a desk that it doesn't fit (height) and it didn't go there in the past (just added a No Go zone and it is now fixed).

  • LoyowLoyow Member


    My purei9 started to behave very weird from one day to the other. I restarted it. I removed the batteries, added them back and restarted it. I changed the position of the charging station in my apartment. I cleaned it thoroughly, checked that no parts are stuck.. Cleaned the glass of the sensors and cam.

    So for me this is either a hardware problem or the firmware. Since it's able to navigate back to the charging station pretty easily, I'm suspecting the firmware.

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Since the "upgrade" from 42.16 to 42.19 my robot has lost the efficient cleaning behaviour that it gained with 42.14: It now goes over the same spot (not always the same) several times and even returns to it.

    Unfortunately I have found no way to revert to the older firmware even though I have the 3Dvision_0.13_41.14_signed.bin firmware at hand. The robot simply ignores it and remains on 42.19.

    @markT Why are there no more changelogs available for the releases and why does the new Wellbeing app automatically update the robot to the latest release? It is frustrating to see a good product getting impaired by automatic "upgrades".

  • I'm a long-time Electrolux customer, I've owned several of the brand's home appliances for years.

    Due to the issue I had with my Pure i9 after the last firmware update in mid-July I am quite disappointed In the end I feel that despite being an expensive device, Electrolux has released it without much refinement in firmware and app, giving the impression of beta testing to this day.

    The hardware is undoubtedly excellent, even the shape of the robot could be better used when cleaning corners and edges of furniture as well as furniture feet.There is still a long way to go to get there I sent the product back to Electrolux, and demanded my money back

    I just bought a Roborock s5-Max and now I can see a product extremely well resolved, the app is absurdly more complete, full of functions, and as hardware despite my prejudice with Chinese products, this Roborock surprised me in all aspects I appeal to Electrolux to pay more attention to customers of this particular product, as in addition to being an expensive product, we create expectations about its use and features

    Thank you and see you next time

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Hi- sorry I've been away for a while.

    I know it looks like there might be a connection between new firmware and strange behaviour, but this is not always the case.

    If we look at the difference between 42.18 and 42.19, for example, we updated a small piece of firmware in the wifi chip to apply a security patch. The code which governs the robot's navigation (where it goes to clean) was untouched.

    The robot operates in a "chaotic" environment (please note that I'm not calling anybody's house untidy!) and so small changes in this environment can have noticeable impact on the robot's behaviour.

    Regarding the changelogs (or relase notes), they were removed at the same time automatic updates were introduced. There are some obvious upsides to automatic updates, such as not having to confuse each reported issue by worrying about which software was involved, but not being able to stick with a specific version could be considered a downside for customers. We are looking at this.

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