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My robot cleaned my whole house. It didn't get lost, it returned to the charger base, and messaged me to say cleaning was complete. I can see the map in history, but still it hasn't generated a map for me to save and create zones. How can I save a map from history? It has never given me the option to "save" after cleaning, or "keep learning." It comes up with"no maps yet" when I go into maps from the three dots menu. Frustrating. Please assist.

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    Sorry to hear that your robot hasn’t managed to save its map. Of course we have no way of knowing the real shape of your home, but the map looks nice and straight.

    What has probably occurred in this case is that the robot has become lost at some point, but then managed to recover well enough to find its way home. This means that it cannot really trust the map that it has created.

    If you copy the logs from your robot (connect to a computer via the usb connector under the dustbin lid and copy all the files that pop up) and send them to us, we can see if this is what happened.

    Our suggestion here is to let the robot clean your home in sections, to see which one contains the area which confuses the robot. The robot cleaned 159 square metres, so maybe divide the home into three roughly equal areas. You can close a door, or put something on the floor in a corridor to block the robot’s passage.

    The first area should be the one which contains the charger. Start the robot and then when it is finished, see if a map is available for saving.

    If you get a map here, don’t save it yet since we want to grow it to include the rest of the home.

    If you don’t get a saveable map here, then maybe this area is where the problem lies. Try starting in another area.

    Once you have a saveable map, you can open up more of your home. The robot can start in the newly opened area (you can just put it on the floor and start it- you don't need to move the charger) but make sure that it can find its way back to the area which it previously mapped. This way the newly cleaned area should be added to the first map.

    Again, if this cleaning doesn’t add to the first map, then you have probably found where the robot gets lost.

    If your map grows, you can repeat this with the last section until you are happy with the map, which you can then save.

     If you find the area where your robot gets lost, you can choose to maybe rearrange some furniture, or leave a door closed, to avoid this area. Once you have a good map, you can save it and add an “avoid zone” so the robot will stay out of this area by itself.

     We hope this helps you to help your robot. Ideally it wouldn’t get lost in the first place- we are working on that!

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