Pure i9.2 disturbing sound

AlfredoAlfredo Member

Why is it Pure i9.2 has this disturbing sound when running? We cleaned the dustbin, cut the hairs on the rollers, the sidings on the roller are alright.


  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod


    That is not easy to answer without examine the robot. If there is a sound that you think is not normal I would advice you to contact a service center.

  • AlfredoAlfredo Member

    I had the service center repaired and it was my fault that I operate the robot sweeper without the HEPA filter. When the filter is being washed and let to dry, I did not know that it cannot operate without the filter. Dirt particles went into the motor but they had it repaired and it's under warranty. Thanks for sharing.

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