Wellbeing and the Internet

BazzaBazza Member

We have great difficulty in using our robot for it seems that it has a total reliance on the internet.

Because of our location we have only satellite access to the internet for part of the day and are structured to achieve most things with good scheduling and sophisticated local WIFI network.

However we find that Wellbeing will not even open past a not connected message without the internet and so we cannot modify tasks or make alterations until we are receiving the internet.

Certainly once we have saved a task the robot will happily go out and complete it without the internet but without recording any detail or mapping of what it has done and the latest available detail shown was the last time the task was completed when connected to the internet.

Obviously the robot's data is not being stored locally with the device as it should be but instead by Electrolux within their own resources; to us critical information we were not made aware of before purchase.

I would ask why Electrolux as taken this course, what use, or uses, is the data collected by Electrolux from unknowing customers being made of and what measures can be undertaken to ensure we have full access to our purchase without the need of an uninterrupted internet connection?

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