cannot save floor map - help!

evanevan Member

I bought an i9.2 last week but I don't see how to save a floor map on the app. How can I save a floor map so I can use those features? I read others also gave that problem..... Thanks in advance for any advice or answer!


  • JohannaNordlofJohannaNordlof Member, Moderator mod

    Hi evan

    A map is generated when a cleaning has successfully started and ended in the charger. You can access the maps in the app from the robot card, in the device menu (circle with three dots in the top) and then click Maps. Here you can save, edit and delete your maps and add zones to them.

    Get in touch with [email protected] if you need further app support.

    Best regards, Johanna

  • OzLo809OzLo809 Member, Moderator mod

    Hi @evan,

    The robot will automatically save a floor map if a run fulfills the following conditions:

    1- It cleans more than ~5 m^2.

    2- It does not get lost.

    3- It starts and ends in the charger.

    After the robot ends the cleaning, you should see a "VIEW MAP" button in the card of the robot in the Wellbeing App. There you can choose to "Keep Learning", which means that the floor map will continue to evolve as it keeps cleaning, or "Save Map" which means that the floor map won't evolve. After you choose to "Save Map", you can name your floor map and define zones in it.

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