Please help me save a map of my house!

blakesp26blakesp26 Member

I've had this robot for about 6 months. I had read that once it FULLY maps my floors, I will be able to save the map. Then I can schedule tasks and such.

However, now 6 months in and I STILL CANNOT SAVE A MAP. Most of the time the robot gets lost and can't find home before it runs out of power. But even on instances where it has in fact cleaned all of my floors and goes back home without help (rare), I still cannot save it. There is no option ANYWHERE on the Wellbeing app or on the Purei9 app that allows me to save a map.

This is super frustrating. The machine cleans very well....but it would be nice to get the map saved so that I can actually use this product to it's full capabilities.

Can someone please explain to me like I am a child: how do I save a map of my home? (preferably in the Wellbeing app as this is the new one).



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