No map are generated

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No map are generated when purei9.2 cleans the entire house which is 110 m2. Only small areas at 40 m2 can I create maps for.

I Know that the robot must do a complete tour Before creating a map. So making the house small has worked ( 40 m2. )

Until Know the robot has completed Maybe 15 full tours. But still no complete map.


  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod


    Have you saved the maps? The robot will not update a saved map. If you start the robot from the same place every time, it will recognize where it is. If the map is saved, it will not update it.

    You can try to remove all maps and run the robot again. Don't save the map until it looks good.

    Hope that will help you.

  • evanevan Member

    How do I save a floor map? I can't see how to do that....

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