IFTTT service is now live!

Pure i9 IFTTT service is now live.
You can control your robot from a vast number of different services including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, various buttons and more.
Go in and make your home and robot a little more automatic :)

Please let us know if you want any other applets or other things that you find good or missing
The service works for both AEG and Electrolux robots

Visit our service at:


  • Homekit! Also, why did you not include a 5G antenna? I would venture a guess that most of your customers are above the median income level and tend to have more up to date WiFi equipment, such as mesh networks, and are running 5G networks. Not including a 5G antenna means that I just purchased outdated equipment! Unless you can supply a user installable module to add the feature, I don't believe you can do a software update to solve the problem.

  • Hi @2old4fun .
    2.4GHz is still more common among IOT devices. There is also a misconception that 5GHz is better in all manners compared to 2.4Ghz. This is not true 5Ghz actually have shorter effective range than 2.4Ghz due to the shorter wavelength. All that said we definitely consider WiFi solutions with dual band for future designs.

    Best Regards

  • KenKen
    edited September 2018

    Hi Admin,

    May i ask a IFTTT question?
    Can i use IFTTT for this condition: When PUREi9 starts cleaning, then send a text to notify via LINE(instant messenger) ?

    I can find both PUREi9 and LINE applet on IFTTT. I don't know weather they can combine together?

    Thank you so much.


  • Hi Ken,
    I checked it out on IFTTT.com it seems to work. You would however get messages for all status changes from your robot.
    Go to "my applets" and click on "New applet" on the right side of the page.
    Use Pure i9 as "if this" and Line as "then that"

    Hope you succeed!

    Best regards

  • Basic native control via HomeKit is my immediate wish for Pure i9.

    • Start and Stop via iOS Control Center.
    • “Hey Siri, vacuum in the Living Room”.

    What else do we really need support for?

    Note that HomeKit integration can be implemented purely in software and no longer requires a hardware security module.


  • I’d +1 the HomeKit request.. as far as I understand it could be implemented now through Siri shortcuts?

  • jooizejooize
    edited November 2018

    It’s possible to have Siri Shortcuts trigger the commands available in IFTTT by configuring webhooks.



    • Start cleaning
    • Pause cleaning
    • Return to original position
    • Start spot cleaning
    • Cancel and finish cleaning

    I find these difficult to understand. What does the last one do? I think we want distinct single-action and toggle commands in addition to convenient macro commands.

    • Start (Play): start cleaning
    • Pause: pause cleaning
    • Stop: abort cleaning, and stay
    • Start/Pause: toggle cleaning
    • Home: pause or stop, and return home
    • Return: pause or stop, and return to start position
    • Spot: clean nearby area
  • ”Cancel and finish cleaning” did not work fully for me. Pi9 stopped but did not return to home, which, for me, is what is says (+ put it in Done-mode). But the “Return to original position” did the trick but I guess it is made for something else then just going Home...

  • Is it possible for ifttt to just send a number instead of text as status? Eg 2 for charging, 3 for cleaning and so on. Would help a lot when bridging to other home automation system.

    I’m trying to get this to work in Loxone but it needs a lot of programming and scripting when translating the status text input and sending a command is even harder. For now I go through loxone -> nodered -> ifttt. Got to be an easier way!

  • Hey Martin

    Whats up? Its possible to give some extra function to iftt?

    -> save last position an go charging

    The robot need to go 2 times to full recharge before finish cleaning our appartment. The little su#*$ starts everytime n we are back ome....

    He starts st 11.00 makes a full recharge.

    At 14.00 i send trough iftt -> go back to start position

    At 17.00 o clock i send again -> start cleaning (beginning from new)

    WHat do you mean? Is this possible?

    Best regardd

  • Wondering if anyone can help. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to login from IFTTT to the Putei9 account. I can logon to purei9 app ok, have changed my password a few times but when I try to use the IFTTT functions and link it to my purei9, it keeps telling me my logon or password is wrong. Hours and hours wasted today trying to get this sorted.

  • Hi Popeye,
    I understand the request and think that we need to solve at least similar functionality soon. It should be possible through IFTTT but at the moment we are focusing our efforts on a big new functionality package for the whole platform.
    We will look at the possibility to give more functionality through IFTTT I would also like the same function for my home.

  • Hey Martin

    thank you so much for your update :)

    best regards

  • Hi Cambrowne,
    The login is now fixed. Thank you for pointing it out to us.

  • Great! But im only able to set u one command. There does not seem to be able to add a second command like 'stop cleaning'?? Or what am i missing?

  • edited November 2019

    Hi Stellan,
    You can create your own triggers to decide on anything that works with IFTTT. Please see attached for a home made instruction on how to :)

  • edited December 2019

    Hi, I have a problem with ifttt. My robot doesn't send any status changes so my applets doesn't trigger. I don't think this is user related. I can't even get the example to write status changes to google spreadssheets to trigger.

    Still works fine to send commands to the robot.

  • Still got this problem. Really slow callback and when I do get them I can get 15 different statuses at the same time.

  • Hi I vote for HomeKit implementation please or Siri short cut support.

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