Similar community for pure A9?

KatharinaKatharina Member

Does anyone know if there is a similar community for the pure A9 air filter?

I would love to give some usability feedback to the engineering team there.



  • JohannaNordlofJohannaNordlof Member, Moderator mod

    Hi Katharina

    Unfortunatley there is no such forum. If the usability feedback is connected to the Wellbeing app you are welcome to contact [email protected]

    Best regards, Johanna

  • KatharinaKatharina Member
    edited June 2021

    Thanks Johanna, but it was feedback on the physical design of the unit itself.

    You see there is no reliable way to clean the air particle sensor without voiding the warranty by unscrewing stuff. You are meant to vacuum the sensor through a small opening on the side of the unit instead, and it just doesn't work.

    It's frustrating not to have any way to give this kind of feedback to the team so that they can improve the product. It's the best looking air purifier on the market, so I really want it to work. All your products should have a forum like this one :)

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