How to create a FloorPlanner map of all rooms in my home?

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My PUREi9 doesn’t Adde new roms to the FloorPlanner map. Why? I Can see a blue area where it has cleaned, overlapping the grey area of an existing map. But the new area isn’t added when cleaning is done and the robot has returned.

It hasn’t been able to create a full map of my home on one cleaning, because it need to recharge. When returning home for charging, the map isn’t saved either.


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    I see that you're using the old Pure i9 app. We recommend moving to the new Wellbeing app for controlling the robot, because that is where we will release new bug fixes and functionality.

    But regardless which app you use, there are some rules for when the robot adds new areas to the map:

    • The run has to be successful, which means that it ends in the charger and the robot does not get lost while cleaning. (To avoid adding erroneous information to the map.)
    • It has to be a full cleaning, i.e. not a zone cleaning.
    • The map has to be "open". We "freeze" the map when you add zones to it or name it, because then we assume that you're happy with it and that the robot should not change it anymore. (In some versions of the Pure i9 app, you might be able to name a map and it stays open, but this varies.)

    So my advice is that you delete your current map and start over. Don't name it or add zones until it contains all the rooms that you want. The robot should normally be able to continue mapping after a recharge and cover a full home. But if you're missing some room, you can run another cleaning starting from the charger, and close the doors to all the rooms that are already mapped. Then the robot will clean just the missing room and add it to the existing map.

    Good luck and please let us know how it worked out!

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