Unavailable in app, no time displayed, cleans at the wrong time

dasharoldjadasharoldja Member

The Wellbeing app shows the robot as "Unavailable" with red exclamation mark. The robot displays the Wifi symbol, but no timestamp (just "--:--").

In addition, the robot has started cleaning by itself at the wrong time.

Manual cleaning seems to work fine, at least the robot can find its home even if started away from the charging base, but perhaps that is possible even without cloud connection.

I have tried restarting the robot (long press until "Off" is displayed). I would try a manual firmware upgrade but the robot is already on 41.16 according to the app.

I believe this is the "first generation" i9 if that is relevant.

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  • dasharoldjadasharoldja Member
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    Just wanted to report that this problem went away after a couple of days. I think it may have been a restart of our internet router that fixed it.

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