Not available/Inte tillgänglig

when will you get the Purei9 environment working?

Very irritating to get Not Available/ Inte Tillgänglig all the time, then try and try again and again and then it works and still sometimes can’t start... and so on


  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod


    Do you know the robot's SW version number?

    This post can be related:

    You can also try to restart the robot by removing it from the charger, long press on the playbutton (about 10 s). Wait unitl the display is black. Test that it is not waking up when you press a button. Place it in the charger and let it start again.

  • JorgovanJorgovan Member


    Restarting robot don’t help

    The robot is conected to the router

    The old app Electrolux pure i9 still works. I downloaded it again to check. It starts searching and finds the robot

    the Cloud solution don’t work. Please fix it or remove it ....

  • sirfsirf Member

    I have a similar issue.

    The robot seemingly comes online after restarting it, but it's unresponsive in the sense that if I try to start cleaning through the app nothing happens, and after a few minutes or even seconds it reverts back to "Not available" again. If I wait a few more minutes it will eventually become "available" again but still unresponsive, and if I try to do anything it will go back to not available.

    This erratic behavior started very recently. 1-2 weeks ago the robot was working perfectly.

    The weirdest part is that if I update the cleaning schedule in the app, the new schedule will be effective and the robot will clean according to the new schedule, and I even see the robot moving around on the map in the app between the periods when the robot is "not available", and I receive notifications both when cleaning starts and when cleaning is finished. But during cleaning the robot is still unresponsive. I can't pause or cancel cleaning.

    The old app does not work in my case however.

    Is this a problem with the robot itself? Has the internal WiFi antenna come loose? Is it an issue with cloud service? How can I debug this.

    Firmware version is 41.16


  • sirfsirf Member

    After upgrading to 42.19 the robot worked flawlessly for several days, but now it's back to not being available again :(

  • JorgovanJorgovan Member

    i set my 2.4ghz to channel 5 and after that the robot is always available

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