Resetting pure 9.2i maps??

mmihhailovmmihhailov Member

Hello everyone!

Any idea, how to clear maps from 9.2i? From device and from the cloud. My pet somehow has been able to create complete and utter garbage as the map (removed the walls, digged secret tunnels and what have you) that does not resemble the area where it should work at all.

Have tried 'turn-i-off-and-on-again' and also 'belly up and i will reset' things. No dice. It still finds this excuse for a map and works with it.

I'd like to force it to start from zero.

thanks in advance,


  • BacanasampaBacanasampa Member

    I saw somewhere here in the community that is not possible to erase the maps


  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Which app? It is possible in the pure i9 app so if you can still download it do that.

  • mmihhailovmmihhailov Member
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    I am using Wellbeing. With previous app and Wellbeing in parallel, it went completely mental and maps did not appear at all.

    But geesh...

    Dear Electrolux. Being in sw business for 20+ years, 10+ years in embedded development. If you release something buggy as God knows what, at least provide the possibility to reset the darn thing. As I write this message, my i9.2 is completely and utterly lost, wonders around already for 1 hour on 2 square meter area... 2.5 meters away from the charging station. Actually, it has direct sight to charging station.

    I am quite sure that even if I find the way to factory reset it, it will download the crappy maps again from the cloud and we are back at square 1.

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    If you have an Android delete the data. It'll make it fresh again.

  • BacanasampaBacanasampa Member

    mrmegadeth the maps are atored in the cloud

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod

    Hi @mmihhailov ,

    Sorry for the problems you are experiencing! Let’s see if we can help. 

    First make sure that you have the latest version of the app and that the robot has the latest firmware (currently version 41.16).

    @mrmegadeth is correct, if you delete the map from the robot it is gone. It will no get resynced from the cloud. 

    Not sure why you cannot delete the map. It should be possible from both apps. 

    In the Wellbeing app: Go to the robot product card ->  Device Information (three dots in the upper left corner) -> Maps -> Select your map -> Click the three dots in the upper right corner -> Delete map.

    I checked the steps above on an iPhone but it should be very similar on an Android. If for some reason the steps above are not available, please let us know. 

    Since your previous map was not accurate you may want to try the following when recording a new map:

    -Remove or block off carpets during the first run when recording the new map. 

    -As soon as the robot has mapped all of the accesible space, save the map and add avoid zones where needed. There is no benefit to run multiple times if the necessary area has been included in the map.

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