Dustbin cover warping?

 Hello. I have owned a Pure i9.2 Animal for a few weeks and I am loving the product.

Daily cleans 2 floors around 23 square meters per floor, around 40 minutes of use by floor.

Right after the first cleanings, I noticed that the dustbin cover was starting to become uneven with the rest of the top of the robot's body.

Today, after a few weeks, it is quite warped. By the way, there is no obstacle between the cover and the fittings, everything is perfectly fitted

Has anyone else noticed this warping on the dustbin lid?

Was it just an aesthetic problem or could it compromise the functioning of the robot?


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    This is unfortunately an issue which we have occasionally seen, but it is normally purely cosmetic, not affecting function at all. As long as the bin snaps into place, the seal is tight and no suction is lost.

    You can check a couple of things to make sure-

    • the filter which sits in the lid of the dustbin can go in two ways. There is a tab on it to indicate which way is the right way, but if you put it in the wrong way, it is still possible to force the lid to close, but there will be extra pressure on the latch which will make the lid stick up a little. You have to press quite hard on the lid to close it in this case.
    • Also check that there is nothing jammed underneath the dustbin, or in the metal spring which you can see inside the robot when you remove the dustbin. This spring is what pushes the dustbin up when you press the release button. Something stuck here can also make the bin stick up a little higher than normal.

    Both of these affect the vertical position of the whole bin. Even if these are OK, it is possible for the edges of the lid to bend upward a little in some cases.


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Hi again!

    Could you take a photo of the sticker on the bottom of the robot and post it here? We can see the production batch etc. and check it against other instances of this problem.

  • BacanasampaBacanasampa Member

    Hi markT

    I'm sorry for the delay

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    I know it was a long time ago, but a little feedback on this: we have gone through the manufacturing process and tweaked the settings on some injection moulding machines to improve this now. Thanks for sharing your info.

  • Ok no problem

    I returned my product to electrolux and asked for my money back. I really like the brand but the Pure i9.2 still looks like a beta test product.

    I ended up buying a Roborock S5 Max and you guys should take a good look at the product as hardware and also the app which is quite refined compared to Electrolux Wellbeign


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