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Hello people ! I hope you are, all well!

I bought a pure i9, received it today, and I have some doubts about the functioning of the robo vacuum,
first: does it have a really loud engine noise?

second: my robot vacuumed the whole house and did not map any room.

third: there is a physical button on the robot, which according to the manual is the smart mapping function, however when I press it it only does a quick cleaning and does not map anything.

fourth: in the app there is a function to schedule a cleaning, and I made several attempts to schedule a cleaning at a specific time and it doesn't run.

I am very dissatisfied, I want to know if anyone has had these problems and how to solve them.

and excuse me for my canned English.


  • OzLo809OzLo809 Member, Moderator mod

    Hello @lennonx7,

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Let's go through your points to clear any questions.

    1. The robot has different power settings for cleaning. Pressing the +- sign on the left will change which setting the robot uses. So give that a try.
    2. Did the robot started and ended in the charger? Also, did the robot got lost at some point?
    3. Could you provide a picture of where it says that in the manual. I assume that the button that you pressed was the one next to the home button. With that button the robot does a spot cleaning, which basically means cleaning a 1x1 m^2 around the robot, and since it is so small it does not save any map.
    4. Could you provide what is the software on the robot and what app you are using?


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