Inoperable from the app

osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

Reinstalled the app and re-logged in.

With the above operation, it was available to operate the vacuum cleaner from the app once.

However, when I looked at the app screen again while cleaning, the following message was displayed on the app home screen, and I fell into a state where I could not operate it.

Not available (red exclamation mark)

Make sure wi-fi is working and the robot vacuum cleaner is within range of your router.


welbeing 2.8.21954

Purei9 41.16


  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    After several attempts to restart the app, I noticed that it can be manipulated from time to time.

    However, when I switched to another app and then returned, I was again displayed as "unavailable" and I could no longer operate it.

    The connection is very unstable.

    Is it due to firmware or app updates, or is it an electrolux server issue?

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    When I checked with the old app "PUREI9", there is no problem with the display. Operation is also possible.

    In terms of timing, there may be a problem with "welbeing 2.8.21954", which was updated just the other day.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    After that, I launched the app several times.

    For a moment, you'll see "Unavailable" and you'll be able to use it after a while.

    However, the history of the cleaning that I did today is not displayed. The history of the last cleaning is displayed.

    When you switch to another app and return to welbeing, you will see "Unavailable" again.

    It's a terrible state.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    When you launch the app this morning, you won't see the "Unavailable" message and the red application mark, so you're likely to be able to use it.

    However, the cleaning that should have been done yesterday is not in the history.

    After all, I thought that it was a problem on the server side.

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