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Hello developers.

I have Pure i9 about 1.5 y and I'm a bit nervous everytime when I have floor ocupation re-designed. Time to time during a year I have to move some furniture or change some areas to don't clean. Moving the charger to different place makes my robot crazy and cleaning of some zones failed. Then I start to build a new map. But it takes so long to clean whole floor (about 135sq.m) to decide if the new map is correct. If one room is missing during this and I try to add it to the new map as a potential space to clean it is always missing during scheduled work.

My idea is to add new feature to learn the robot to create new map and as an additioanal task, refresh existing map to validate if eferything fits to the map. Map learning would be as:

- robot is running (without vaccum) clockwise or other direction nex to the walls until is back to the charger

- two options of floor map can be available: traditional floor or open space (with some walls in the middle)

In a traditional floor can be just one round by the walls but in open space after first round can be a question to draw on new map a potential wall a then roboc can go there accross the space and start to check center of the space.

Map learning would be very fast and then I can decide to make a official map and schedule house cleaning or run map learning again.

In large hause is bery dificoult to create proper map if robot tilts a bit in the middle of his road.


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