24 hour charging before first use?

BacanasampaBacanasampa Member

Hi there

I just bought a Brazilian Pure i9.2 (PI92-4SGM) and in the instruction manual it says to leave recharging for 24 hours before the first use.

I find this information strange because I believe that modern batteries do not need to carry this long first charge.

I'm looking forward to setting up and using my robot,

Can anyone safely tell me if I can only charge up to 100% on the first charge and use it right away?

Thanks :-)

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  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin
    Accepted Answer

    Hi- sorry I didn't see this question before now. The 24 hr charge time is not strictly necessary. It is enough to fully charge the battery (activate the display by nudging the robot and the indicator stops blinking when the battery is full).


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