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Pure I9.2 Cant connect to wifi

mikkommikkom Member

I'm having some serious issues with wifi and wellbeing app.

Wellbeing app says something like this:

" Connection failed.

Unfortunately we could not connect to your device. It's possible that you entered wrong wifi-passcode"

I've tried resetting modem, router, robovac, mobile, wellbeing software, made new account etc. and still the same error. Connecting software with I9.2 starts ok. Asks to turn robovac upside down, read barcode and even tried manually inputting that damn code. Everything seems fine and it tells me that it's successfully connected, until it tells me to put robovac to it's dock. Software tries to establish connection to robovac and tries and tries and then connection failed, unfortunately we could not connect to your device. It's possible..."

I tried re-installing I9.2. firmware 41.14 and no it didn't solve any problems.

Yes, you can press robovac's button to start vacuuming. However I bought this robovac so that I can put it to clean while I'm commuting to home.

I tried Pure I -app too, and it connected succesfully without any issues to robovac and after vacuuming once it didn't draw any map of my home and couldn't connect anymore to robovac.

So any recommendations or solutions?

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  • hogge75hogge75 Member

    I am having the exact same problem. Getting tired of it, thinking about to return the i9

  • iMrTidyiMrTidy Member


    Sorry for the late reply. We totally understand your frustration and we of course strive making the usage of our products as smooth as possible but unfortunately it does not always rely just on us.

    There is a very good chance that this will help you:

    Shortly, as the first step let me suggest upgrading to 41.15. Also please make sure that you have the latest Wellbeing app version.

    If that still does not work for you and if it is suitable for you, I would like to go through the onboarding process together with you on a phone call to make sure your RVC is properly onboarded or at least to track down the issue and help you get it done anyway.

    Kind regards,

    Wellbeing Team

  • I am having the same problem recently. A few days ago, the Wellbeing app says that the robot is not connected to the Wi-Fi network (but it is). Meanwhile, the Pure i app works only to play/pause the bot, and only when my phone is connected to the same network. The map and cleaning history are completely frozen since the last time the Wellbeing app still worked.


    Pure i app:

    Pure i.2 robot: 41.15

    Wellbeing: 2.6.21087

  • sunshine30sunshine30 Member

    I also purchased the Electrolux Pure i9.2, two of them actually for my double story home.

    I’ve been extremely frustrated by this so called robot vacuum. Not having any luck with connection to wifi since November 2021.

    I tired several times to call the hotline to Electrolux and no attempt was made to call me back. Waited one day for 30 minutes and had to hang up.

    These vacuums are not cheap. I’m exhausted trying to get help.

    There’s a problem also that it also goes around in circles and cleans in the same spot continuously, this is not effective at all. I’ve also been very frustrated with it not returning properly to its battery unit. I hope someone can help sort out!

  • alsmithalsmith Member

    I'm experiencing the same issue with my i9 but it will not show up when I connect to my computer. I'm on an M1 Mac Mini running Monterey (12.5.1). I've tested three cables which all work for transferring data on my Kindle, so I want to see if there's a known issue with the robot not showing up on Macs.

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