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My robot regularly goes into my kitchen but it doesn't add the area to the Cleanable area map. It sometimes shows on the history map. I want to program my kitchen for an additional / first clean.

I have firmware version 41.14 I started using the app in Aug 2020. The cleaning lifetime says 980m2 but only says 2 hr 21 min which is less than it does each week




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    Depending on which app you use it may be that the stored map is locked from further updates, meaning that no additional area is allowed to be added.

    With the "Electrolux Pure i" app that happens when you add zones. Removing all zones unlocks the map.

    With the "Electrolux Wellbeing" app it happens when you press "save" (instead of "Keep learning") on the map. Currently there is no way to unlock the map. You need to delete it and let the robot record a new map.

    You may also try without actually ever adding the kitchen to your map. If the area just outside the Kitchen is already mapped you may just place a zone that encloses both a couple of m2 of the mapped area (don't make it too small) and then also the kitchen (which is just unmapped space). Note that it is important that the zone covers some area of the FloorPlanner map. That's the way the robot will know how to find a way to the kitchen entrance. Once there, it will try to clean any physically accessible area within the zone.

    Regarding the cleaning lifetime there is a known bug reported for the Wellbeing app.

    Hope this helps!

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