American version of time formats in Schedule needed

I'd really like to have a way to change the time format used on the Schedule. I'm in Charlotte, NC and I think most Americans are more familiar with the 12 hour am/pm format. As an early adopter in the US, I noticed during unboxing that the English instructions, etc. are all done for the UK - will you be releasing a more "Americanized" version of the app and packaging soon?

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  • P1rP1r admin

    Good suggestion and big thumbs up for being an early adopter!
    Don't forget to vote for it yourself, now it have 0 votes and the more votes the more likely/quickly it will get prioritized by our developers.

  • I go along with George's request. While I was in the military and do not have an issue with the 24 hour format, my wife struggles with it.

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