Vacuum motor as sparepart?

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My vacuum motor looks to be failing, the noise level got to extremely high, with some unhealthy resonances..

Running time of the vacuum is now 830h in about 2 years.

I tried to search for spare, for example:


No luck with finding the spare, only brush motors seems to be available.

Can someone from Electrolux advice on availability of the vacuum motor as spare part?

Details of the unit here:

Of course if someone here have retired Pure i9 for some other reasons than failing vacuum motor, I could be interested to recycle the retired unit.. Please feel free to contact.


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    Looks that the motor itself was OK, but the plastic impeller wheel is broken.

    This is easy to change, just need the replacement part.

    There are no clear partnumber visible in this module which seems to be motor+impeller+control board combined.

    Another pic:

    Marking on the housing of the motor: 7706EQG

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    Contacting local Electrolux support, Google or Nidec website did not help with sourcing of the needed part, but finally the solution was found:

    Local parts dealer managed to find the part, and they added the motor on their webshop:

    This is not the first time they managed to support for this kind of needs! 👍️

    Now waiting for the delivery 😀

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    Spare arrived:

    Now the robot is running again 😁

    After paying more than 60€ to fix a failure of the small plastic part, I was about to ask from Electrolux engineering, how that could fail? Anyhow it's well inside the enclosure and protected from foreign objects in incoming air by two filters.

    Now when I see it running, economy mode off, and being quieter than ever, I think that the fan was probably faulty from the beginning, it just gave up after two years of very loud operation.

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