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I'm in Charlotte, NC. When viewing the Activity screen, the date and time displayed is 5 hours off (looks like UTC -10 ?). I started my Purei9 remotely at 9:28 am this morning, but the app said it was 4:28 am. I can find no setting in the app or robot settings to correct this. I'm using an iPhone 7, iOS 11.4.1. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try that tonight, and check the robot display before I do it as well.


  • Hi P1r, ok - 1st I verified that the robot display is indeed showing the correct time (20:11 when I checked at 9:11 pm).

    Next I followed the directions to re-do the set up. I chose “Switch robot” in robot settings, hit the “Setup new robot” button, flipped it over and scanned the bar code, then looked for the robot’s Wifi network (3Dvision a8f00011)... but didn’t find it. I’m guessing I need to press some type of “reset” button on the robot to force it back to factory settings? I couldn’t find how to do this in the manual, or a way to change the WiFi network the robot is connected to either.

    After this, since the robot display was showing the correct time, I started a new cleaning command and went to the activity view/map screen in the app, just to check - it indeed still showed the start time incorrectly as 4:15 pm (correct time was 9:15 pm).

  • P1rP1r admin
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    Ok, thanks for testing and providing the input! If the robot is showing the correct time then it is most likely some issue in the cloud/app I will forward this to our cloud/app developers so they can have a look.

    Regarding not finding the hotspot, did you keep the robot upside down after you had scanned it?
    As soon as you flip it back or finished the complete setup the hotspot will disappear.
    However since the issue seems to be in the cloud/app there is no need to redo the setup.

    Just out of curiosity, if you schedule a clean will it then start at the correct time?

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