Persistent problem connecting to the Electrolux cloud?

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Some robots have not been able to connect to the Electrolux cloud since the end of November. There seems to be a problem which prevents some robots from correctly establishing the time and date via the internet and this can lead to the robot not being able to connect.

If you don't have connection problems with your robot, then ignore this post.

The problem is not related to the robots themselves, but something in between the robot and the internet (local router settings? ISP settings? not necessarily under your control or ours). Most robots are not affected by this, but we have made a special firmware release for those who are. This firmware is functionally identical to the current release 41.14, and addresses only the connection problem.

If you do have persistent connection problems, then you will understand that a normal over-the-air update won't work, so we are making the firmware available for download and installation via the robot's USB port. Please see the instructions below.

The robot can be manually upgraded using the USB connector hidden by the dust-bin.

  1. Download the right firmware for your robot. Normally the cloud picks the right version for you, but when updating via USB you need to choose: Pure i9 /Rx9 or Pure i9.2/Rx9.2
  2. Remove the dust-bin and pull out the small rubber protector for the USB port.
  3. Connect the robot to your computer using a micro USB cable, leading to it showing up as a mass storage device. NB! Some USB cables are only for charging and won't work for data transfer! Verify with other device.
  4. Put the downloaded firmware file on the device.
  5. Use the "safely remove device" option, to make sure the file is properly written.
  6. Unplug cable. Upgrade should start. If the robot says "the software is not compatible", check that you copied the right version and repeat the process if necessary. The robot should restart itself after the upgrade.

The license information for the firmware can be found here:


  • HotkiwiHotkiwi Member

    Thank you so much, this was the solution.

    But Electrolux needs to do something because how would the average 80 year old make a manual firmware upgrade ? It meant for me searching a windows machine, as apple would not recognize the external device and only the 5th USB cable was a data transfer cable.

    Buet yes, it is done.


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Glad it worked, sorry it was such trouble.

    This is really an unusual situation- we have never previously been in a situation which can't be fixed via an over-the-air update. I need to repeat that this particular issue only affects a small number of customers.

    Sending the product to Electrolux service is another way to have the robot's software updated, but there are many people who want a faster way to fix this issue, so we offered the USB update as a (potentially) quick solution.

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