Problem with migration to Wellbeing APP ( Piure i9)

There is a problem when you need to enter the password for your home WiFi network. On the iPhone X, the keyboard covers the NEXT button. There is no way to hide the keyboard, the "RETURN" button also does not work. What to do ? The old APP will disappear in a moment :-(

best regards

Marek Cywiński


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @MarekCywinski Hi Marek, can't you just simply slide the screen up a little to make the further fields visible? (please forgive the question - I never had an iPhone and on Android this is easy as pie)

  • Thank you for your help. Unfortunately in IPhone this is not available  :-( .

    Best regards


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Marek, could you please temporarily switch the app's language to English? Maybe the very fat title will fit on one line and thus make more room available for the actual entry fields.

  • I did a test with another iPhone. Everything went smoothly. After entering the password for the home WiFi network, APP automatically moved to the next section. However, it means no history from previous APP. The vacuum cleaner has to start learning the rooms, then define the map, etc.

    Perhaps the problem appears only in the sequence of switching from the previous version of the APP to the new one? More experiments tomorrow :-).

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