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So I have the same problem as this guy:

The picture might very well be from my livingroom.

As a workaround I would like for the no-go zone to be able to be smaller. That way I could create a zone that is the same size as the table and you guys could keep on workin on the navigation issues.

It would also be good when there are other areas that the robot cant handle

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  • apjapj Member ✭✭
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    @Vacuum Do you use the old Pure i or the new Wellbeing app? (I find the Wellbeing app a little bit more responsive when it comes to defining zones).

    Please note, that this positioning scheme is hampered by slipping wheels which is more likely to occur on medium to high pile carpets and thus throwing the robot of course. In other words: The zone definition can only be fairly accurate if there is no wheel spin, which makes defining small no-go zones tricky at best.

  • VacuumVacuum Member

    I use both apps currently and the seem to have the same limitation.

    I get that (a lidar would be good 😉) but it’s either that or you make sure that the robot finds its way out from under the table.

    This would be a good workaround.

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