Broken brush roll motor

HarryHarry Member

My pure i9 is almost 2 years old. I clean it quickly once a week and properly every fortnight. But lately I have noticed the main brushroll hasn't had any hair on it and we live with 3 girls and a cat. Also the dust bin is staying very empty. So I followed it around and noticed there was an irregular humming coming from the robot on carpet and hard floors, like a motor turning on and off randomly. So I visited my local Harvey Norman (New Zealand's equivalent to best buy) to look at the purei9 there and the main brushroll was harder to turn than mine was. Is this a sign of a bad motor that spins the main brush roll or just normal operation?


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @Harry Have you already checked if the roller brush's orange cog wheel is firmly seated? With time the cog wheel may collect dust and/or hair which separates the coupling.

    If it is only a little dirt this is easy to fix - otherwise your robot may need an inspection by Electrolux. If you are skillful and adventurous you might even take a look at this: 😁

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