Robot have turned stupid.

ostrabyostraby Member

I have had my i9.2 robot for a year now. In the beginning it was brilliant. Fast accurate mapping of my home. Fast cleaning too. Navigating over thresholds was fast and efficient by a fast "jump" sprint. No problem finding home. Happy times.

Since then my robot have gotten really dumb. I have had it sent in to tech support and investigated without any errors. The robot seems to be confused. Can't navigate properly. Cleans same area over and over, leaving other areas uncleaned. Can't find home station. Refuses thresholds or trying to slide over and gets stuck. Takes forever and the runs out of battery. As of now it is useless.

I suspect the software is to blame. How long should we wait for a working version?


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Hi @ostraby , could you please tell us the firmware revision your robot curremtly has and if you have updated it recently (if yes: from what revision to what)?

    The current firmware revision 41.14 has greatly improved my experience whereas 40.18 was a total turd (pardon my french)

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Also, old maps can cause issues. So typically we try deleting the old map or just restarting the machine by holding the power button to force a reboot works sometimes.

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    Sorry to hear that your robot has started to perform worse. On average the latest robot software definitely performs better than previous releases. However, this doesn’t help your problem of course.

    Have you rearranged any larger pieces of furniture or added/moved carpets lately?

    Based on the problems you describe I would recommend deleting the FloorPlanner map and recording a new one. As soon as you have a FloorPlanner map that you are happy with (coverage and shape look good) place a zone on it to lock it (prevents it from changing further). Ideally this happens after just a single run.

    Hopefully that helps.

  • ostrabyostraby Member

    Thank you for your answers,

    @apj. Firmware is 41.14

    @mrmegadeth Maps have been deleted, batteries disconnected/reconnected. No improvements however,

    @frekan Creating new maps seems very difficult since the robot refuses to pass doorways.

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod

    Understood. If possible it would be great if you could provide some information to help us understand the situation better:

    -Photos and preferably also a height measurement of the thresholds it refuses to pass. Also, it would be good to know if anything significant has changes in the floor plan since the robot started to act worse. New carpets? More sunlight flooding?

    -Collect logs after a bad run. See instruction here. You can send them in a message to me.


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