Purei9 Apps show Searching......

Hi Electrolux

I manage to connect to the pure91 after second attempt when restarted the machine. It work for one day then the next day, the Apps can no longer connect to the robot, it keep showing Searching... the Home and Play button is grey off and not function, of course the schedule all not working and i need to manually press the run button every night to run the machine.

I tried ...uninstall and install again, register with new ID, restart the machine (long press on the play button), use ipad to connect,, disable the 5Mhz WIFI, enable back 5Mhz wifi, ...all cannot work.

Appreciate if you can provide some fix for this. It is a new machine i just bought few days back...in the app it still showing the map of first day work ...on 19 nov 2020.

i cannot delete and add the robot into the app now. try to use another phone also cannot add...

there is a software upgrade button on the app, but grey off and not working..

appreciate your help please..

i call the local service center, no solution provided just ask me to bring the machine over for them to check, easy way out, the service center is 40km away from my house and only open during week day not on sat and sun. they are insanely expect me to take off one day just to bring the newly bought machine for them to check...not a good idea..


  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. Which app are you using - Electrolux Wellbeing or the Electrolux Pure i app? Or have you tried both?

    Would be good to know to see if we can sort the problem out.

  • dannysaodannysao Member


    Wellbeing app show error Unavailable. make sure wifi is working and the robot vacum and charging based are in the range of the router.

    wifi definitely is working otherwise i cannot write this message.

    robot is at the same place of my computer, i am not sure how close the robot need to be near the router. as of now about 10 ft away.

    any other trick?

    i notice the app comment in pure9 you guy seldom reply but most of the reply are in wellbeing app, is that due to the future direction that you are going to discontinue pure9i app and replace with well being app?

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