Slow connection,,,,

The Purei9 app finds the Purei9.2 when the Wellbeing app don’t 

Wellbeing is not reliable. Finds the Pure i9.2 can’t get started, then not available, then Ready...

Please Fix the Wellbeing app or just keep the Purei9 app


  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Hi Jorgovan,

    We have had a few issues in the intial migration phase of Wellbeing APP. I assure you that our team is working round the clock to fix any stability issues.

    Pure i9 APP had a software component that enabled you to connect over the local wifi network even if the cloud connection wasn't available, but this has been changed in the Wellbeing APP. Now you need both to be connected to your Robot.

    My suggestion is to restart both APP & Robot and onboard your robot once again to Wellbeing APP. This should fix all connection issues.

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