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The unit never worked. No one ever called. A year and a half ago. Still have brand new dead unit in my office.

Supposedly, it just needs good batteries. No one would ever help me.


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @superdave240 I have found your original posting from Juli 2019 here:

    Please keep in mind this is mainly a community forum and not an official Electrolux support channel. Have you tried to contact Electrolux via the channels outlined in the documentation that came with your robot?

    If you're living in Europe this would be a great starting point:

    Otherwise try to draw the attention of any of the Electrolux employees here in the forum like @raahlb or @SumitraVengalil to your case with more details as to your location / point of purchase etc

    Maybe they can point you in the right direction.

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    The support for USA is handled separately, and from what I see here on the forum, there are some issues with their case handling.

    @superdave240 - please e-mail [email protected] and he should be able to help you. If he doesn't respond within a week, tag me here again. Sorry about your experience.

    EDIT: Actually, [email protected] should be more responsive nowadays, so do favour it instead of the patrik one.

  • Bill reached out and...... - the new batteries arrived. After sitting in my office for a year and a half - it's alive! It charged fine and the setup went well. The software updates, and it functions geat. Thank you.

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