Electrolux Wellbeing is here!

Dear community,

We are now up and live with Electrolux Wellbeing app in Europe and most parts of Asia. So hurry up and migrate to the new world of Pure i9 to unlock a brand new set of experiences!!!


  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Dark mode AEG version is cool.

    I think that it is good if it comes to be able to choose it by the dark mode correspondence of iOS or the theme function.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member

    Needs a single app with both dark and light modes. Having particular themes in particular versions was always bad, bit now it's even worse, apps are region locked to stop users having a choice.

    I preferred the light app, so despite having an AEG I always used the Electrolux app. I can't do this anymore. All.apps should follow the system theme settings on Android 10+

  • mg2527mg2527 Member

    Unfortunately, this app is a disappointment. I keep going on use Purei9 app still. There are not some features in this app; that features already exist in Purei9. I think Electrolux considering Turkey not an important region; and we still cannot use this product deservedly. I bought this product in june and I so regret not choosing iRobot.

    • I can not use the zone feature right now with 2 apps. when I touch the play button nothing doing.
    • Wellbeing app shows "there is no wifi connection" but exactly there is. So I use Pure9i app at least this app does not show anything like that.
    • My robot says cleaning is done; but it is not.

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