Electrolux Wellbeing is here!

Dear community,

We are now up and live with Electrolux Wellbeing app in Europe and most parts of Asia. So hurry up and migrate to the new world of Pure i9 to unlock a brand new set of experiences!!!


  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Dark mode AEG version is cool.

    I think that it is good if it comes to be able to choose it by the dark mode correspondence of iOS or the theme function.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Needs a single app with both dark and light modes. Having particular themes in particular versions was always bad, bit now it's even worse, apps are region locked to stop users having a choice.

    I preferred the light app, so despite having an AEG I always used the Electrolux app. I can't do this anymore. All.apps should follow the system theme settings on Android 10+

  • mg2527mg2527 Member

    Unfortunately, this app is a disappointment. I keep going on use Purei9 app still. There are not some features in this app; that features already exist in Purei9. I think Electrolux considering Turkey not an important region; and we still cannot use this product deservedly. I bought this product in june and I so regret not choosing iRobot.

    • I can not use the zone feature right now with 2 apps. when I touch the play button nothing doing.
    • Wellbeing app shows "there is no wifi connection" but exactly there is. So I use Pure9i app at least this app does not show anything like that.
    • My robot says cleaning is done; but it is not.

  • sznszn Member

    @mg2527 same. The wellbeing app does nothing - only ... Good afternoon (how clever), tasks, and a profile with account (for what?). No history, no map. Why bother.

  • i9Useri9User Member


    The ‘Well-being’ app does not appear to be available when I search for it on the UK Apple AppStore?

    My i9 has come with me from Australia, but now doesn’t work on my phone as it tells me to replace it with the Wellbeing app which is ‘Not available in my country or region’ according to Apple.

    have Electrolux bricked my i9!!!?

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Try searching for AEG wellbeing in the UK. That app gives you the same functions from another brand.

    We are working on having both our apps available on all markets but branding works in mysterious ways sometimes.

  • borilboril Member ✭✭

    Totally useless application because doesn't offer you firmware updates. I had to start old purei9 app to perform the upgrade. It somehow showed to me update confirmation button and immediately discontinued message appeared suggesting to download this piece of crap.

  • Wellbeing nekomunikuje v slovenčine, alebo češtine, čo predchádzajúca aplikácia tento jazyk mala.

    Celý wellbeing je o ničom, predchádzajúca aplikácia bola na omnoho lepšej úrovni. Neviem prečo sme museli nasilu prejsť do wellbeingu, keď nie je lepší. Spojili ste síce iné prístroje do jednej aplikácie, ale vysávaču to nepomohlo. To mám vysávať so slovníkom. Nie každý vie anglicky. 

  • maurismauris Member

    Good that this Wellbeing app is finally dead and buried.. It was simply stupid. Was really worsening user experience when it was introduced to replace earlier Pure i9 app.

    Now Electrolux did the right decision and is discontinuing Wellbeing.

    New Electrolux app looks better, many stupidities of Wellbeing are now gone. Even the name of the app was stupid. (If I want to control my vacuum cleaner. Why the hell app for that should be called anything else than what the appliance is?)

  • sonicPsonicP Member


    my pure i9 under firmware 42.19 with welbeeing app doesnt show the correct actual date!!

    How can this be and how can i fix this.

    I really do drive nuts with this cleaning robot. I like it & the design - but it is just far from reliable.



  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    New app is very poor. Often loses my login and app isnt coded to support autofill.

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