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I think the robot should have a carpet selection:

1. Normal => clean carpets

2. Don't clean "thick" carpets => avoid "thick" carpets

3. Ignore carpets => just continue to clean the floor normally

The reason to "ignore" carpets is that the robot is spending too much time at the carpet edges, and that in turn is tearing on the carpet edges!

This will be avoided with "normal" cleaning pattern, i.e. "Ignore carpets".

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  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Hi Lunar,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    We are considering the possibility of improving navigation by 'avoiding carpet' depending on what the robot learns about the carpet from the previous cleaning sessions. Meanwhile, you can get the same result by marking the carpet area as a no go zone. With enough clearance to the carpet marked as the 'no-go zone', the edges would be protected too

  • LunarLunar Member

    Hi Sumitra,

    It is really important to also add the 3rd selection "Ignore carpets"!

    The reason for this is that the robot is spending alot of time identifying the carpet edges, and thereby tears on the carpet edges.

    The "Ignore carpets" selection means that the robot cleans carpets as "normal floor".

  • I have a vacuum cleaner for office carpet cleaning but don't know how to reset its settings any ideas to reset it?

  • Contact carpet cleaners, they know from where to reset its settings.

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