Can't seem to select zones to clean with i8

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I have a brand new i8 (model PI81-4SWN) and I am using the Wellbeing app. The robot cleaned my entire apartment a few times now, I have saved the map and defined the cleaning zones (Kitchen, Living room, etc). When I select to clean only zones, the start button does not work. When I switch back to "clean everywhere", the start button works and the robot starts cleaning.

What am I doing wrong? I can also demonstrate with video, if you do not believe me.

Thank you

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  • JohannaNordlofJohannaNordlof Member, Moderator mod

    Hi tiborhavlik 

    Sorry to hear you experience issues.

    We had a bug that made it possible to create zones for the Pure i8 models, despite this model not handling zone cleaning. We have now removed the option for Pure i8 users.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best regards, Johanna, Electrolux

  • tiborhavliktiborhavlik Member

    Hi Johanna,

    please note that this model is marketed in a way that it has the function of setting specific rooms for cleaning - also there is no specific product manual for i8 model. I bought the product with the understanding that I will be able to create zones. I will go and return the product.

    Please see example here:

    "Function Automatic charging , Preset rooms scheduled for cleaning , Shock sensor"


  • Dear Johanna,

    please note that after the update of the app, now I cannot even schedule cleaning. It appears that you have completely removed to option to schedule cleaning, which reduces the functionality of the vacuum cleaner. The menu is grey and not possible to select.

    The scheduling functionality is however advertised on the Slovak webpage of Electrolux as well as on other webpages selling the product. See print screens and the links below.

    I demand that you immediately restore the schedule functionality!

    Kind regards


  • JohannaNordlofJohannaNordlof Member, Moderator mod

    Hi Tibor

    The part of the app that you show with the red square is what we call the remote control, where you can change settings for the cleanings you want to start manually. You have marked the options where one sets to clean "Everywhere" or "Zones", and since you have a robot of the model Pure i8 you cannot create zones. This menu therefore has "Everywhere" as pre-chosen for you. By clicking "Start" you will start a cleaning, as usual.

    However, you are still able to set up tasks for your robot to schedule cleanings when it suits you. From the home screen of the app, you click "Tasks" in the bottom of the screen, and set up your tasks.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards, Johanna

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