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Coming soon... The Electrolux Wellbeing App!

SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin
edited October 2020 in News & Announcements

Our beloved Pure i9 app is getting a makeover and will soon pop up as the new Electrolux Wellbeing app.

New features, new design. Get ready for a whole new level of app experience.

So stay tuned !


  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Previously there were 2 almost identical apps, the light theme Electrolux app and the dark theme AEG app. There was no difference other than the light and dark theme and both apps were available in my region.

    Despite having an AEG robot, I preferred the Electrolux light theme app.

    Now we still have this ridiculous situation of 2 wellbeing apps, in the store but it's region locked, and I have no choice to run the doom and gloom dark theme AEG wellbeing :-(

    I'm also not convinced of the design of having to click the robot picture each time when the app opens to interact. I get its a device switcher, but when you have only one device, its unnecessary clicking, and often its interpreted as a swipe and annoyingly takes me to the add page.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Since it was officially announced, I have updated to version 2.1.

    I logged in with the new app, but I can no longer connect to Purei9.

    I didn't have a problem with the previous version until just now, but in version 2.1 I get the following message:

    At the top of the app, click "Service is not available at this time." , and the device cannot be lying on.

    The device was displayed, but the message "Not available" is displayed. Make sure Wi-Fi is functional and that the robot vacuum cleaner is within range of the router. Error is displayed and cannot be operated.

    Is it a cloud-side problem?

  • foggyfoggy Member

    Not available for me too.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Wellbeing is not even close to be ready to replace previous app... It's very troubling news if access to the old Pure i app will be blocked anytime soon.

    Lots of print screens and information about the current status of the app can be found here:

  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Dear friends of Pure i9,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    During this migration phase, we are running a fast iterative model for the Electrolux Wellbeing APP where we fix bugs or make improvements and release it every two weeks. The connection issue mentioned here has been passed on to the development team. Please continue to upgrade your APP version to the latest to get the latest updates.

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi Guys!

    Try to restart your robots and you will see the robots in the wellbeing app as well. The old app had a WiFi component that could talk to the robot on the same network even though the robot did not connect to the cloud. It seemed like a good idea when it was developed but as more and more features need the cloud to work it made things blurry and strange instead of better. Therefore we removed that component and have also spent a lot of time on making sure the robot doesn't drop its connection to the cloud.

    Restart your robot:

    1. Remove the robot from the charger.
    2. Press Play / Pause for about 8 seconds and the power bar will flow inwards or OFF will appear in the display (depending on the model).
    3. When the display goes out, put it in the charger and it will restart.

    When you get connected make sure your robot has firmware 41.14 (use the Pure i app to check)

    We will be releasing all features that are in the Pure i app in to the wellbeing app. There is a lot more coming as well. The stability and quickness of the new app is greatly improved and should be visible to you already now. Please come along on the journey, you can expect updates every 14th day fro now on.

    The Pure i app will continue to be available for a few more months as we grow in to the Wellbeing app.

    Looking forward to your feedback

  • JorgovanJorgovan Member

    The Purei9 app finds the Purei9.2 when the Wellbeing app don’t

    Wellbeing is not reliable. Finds the Pure i9.2 can’t get started, then not available, then Ready...

    Please Fix the Wellbeing app or just keep the Purei9 app

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    There is no communication problem now. However, I carried out a reboot of Purei9 just in case.

    I was cleaning today too, but when I started to see if it was complete, I was asked to log in.

    If I start other apps immediately after the update, It may be asked to log in again.

    However, is the impression that you are often suddenly asked to log in for no reason.

    iPhone iOS14.2 2.1

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    I can pause Purei9 while cleaning, but I can't get it back home.

    I couldn't find a button for that.

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @osamson You are right, there is no dedicated home button any more. Instead just abort the cleaning and the robot will head straight home.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Thanks apj

    It is a “cancel” button to the left of the “pause” button. I was puzzled because it was a button of the house icon in the previous app.

  • JorgovanJorgovan Member

    And the app stopped working with Ios 14.2

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    This issue has been resolved by reinstalling the Wellbeing app

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