Can't set up my A9 device due to failing registration


I've just purchased a Pure A9 device. When I start the Pure A9 IPhone App (connected to my home Wifi) and try to register or sign in, it gives the error message: "Failed to sign up, because there were temporary connection problems. Please try again later." This has been an issue in the past 24 hours. We've tried it with different phones both through WIFI and LTE.

Please help resolve this issue.


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @tothzoltan said:
    I've just purchased a Pure A9 device.

    Hello, by my understanding the Pure A9 is an air purifier.
    This forum however is dedicated to the Pure i9x robot vacuum cleaner family, so don't expect any expert help here.
    Maybe this (lenghty) video will help you with the setup. The actual onboarding process starts at 3 min 20 sec
    Good luck and have fun with your purifier!

  • Hey @apj ,

    Thanks, indeed that's about the purifier

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