How to resolve E42 error code

We continue to get the E42 error code. How do we resolve this? We cleaned the brushes, etc. but it still occurs. The user guide says to "reset desired operation". I'm not sure what this means since the desired operation is for it to vacuum our floors.


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    Hi ssbabco,
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    E42 is an internal error code almost like a blue screen for windows.
    Make sure you have the latest software installed (34.16) you can upgrade the robot from the application or with a mini USB-cable. The contact is under the dustbin. The software can be found on at the bottom of the page.

    If an upgrade does not help, the robot unfortunately needs to go to service for a fix or replace.

    @P1r Do you have any other tips and tricks for a returning E42?

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    Hello @ssbabco , This is a software related issue as Martin mention. The robot runs a full Linux system and just like your smartphone or computer it sometimes freezes.

    Please do a complete restart of the robot, this is done by placing the robot outside the charger, then holding the power button for about 8 seconds until it turns black and then shows "off" on the display. Once the "off" also goes black then the robot is completely off. You can then start it by placing it in the charger. This normally solves the issue.
    If you have problem performing this you can also disconnect the batteries for a few seconds.

    Let us know if the issue remains.

  • I appreciate Martin's response but I am running the latest software and did the reset (twice) but still getting the E42 code. Disappointed because I've only had it a few months. P1r admin what are the next steps?

  • Thank you for the appreciation :)

    Unfortunately it is time to contact service with your robot. I don't have any tricks left.
    You will get good help from service and they usually solve things swiftly. The number can be found in the application or on our websites.

    Be in contact if we can help you in any way

  • I'm not having any luck getting in touch with service. Any suggestions?

  • Hi ssbabco,
    Sorry for the late reply. Vacations got in the way.
    Have you been able to contact service?
    If not where are you located?

  • Hi, I did get it replaced and the new one works fine. It does have issues with finding its way back to the charger about half of the times. We do solve it by manually moving it back and also starting it in new positions. I guess that our house is to big for it and has too many obstacles for it ;)
    We are pleased as it is now!

  • Great to hear Anna!
    Hope our coming updates will make things better and better until you are perfectly happy. :wink:

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