Show your LOST robot where it is on the map..

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Not to seldom, our robot is lost..

we normally don’t notice this before it’s done with the cleaning and we can see that it’s having trouble finding back “home”

I'm thinking it shouldn’t be to hard to fix a feature where you can tell the robot that it’s not in the position it thinks it is..

and then klick on the map to show it where it is..

assuming the robot stops when you tell it it’s in the wrong place, you should then also be able to tell it witch way it’s “facing” (to help it even farther to understand where it actually is)

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  • Samoht65Samoht65 Member

    Just posted this in the geneeral forum - and then found this thread.

    (Copied from post in general)

    Some times our robot looses track of its position and cant find the charging base. Of cause I can lift it and bring it home, but it would be nice if I could just point at the map, and tell the robot - you are here.

    It could all so be use full if I have to empty the dustbin and bring it eg into the kitchen. Then I could just put it on the floor and tell - now you are here. As it is now I have to bring it back to where I picked it up - or put it into the charging base.

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