How do I reboot the PUREi9?

I have not been able to successfully map. The robot dies one room successfully but cannot find the charger - it gets lost all the time so cleaning not completed and no map made.

do you suggest i wipe the memory & reboot somehow?


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Have you already upgraded your robot to the latest firmware version 41.14?
    If you haven't, please give it a try. This might be all your robot needs.
    I don't know if a complete "factory reset" of the robot is possible at all. The only documented way to "reset" it is by switching it completely off by a very long press on the Play/Pause button. It will reboot as soon as you lift it and put it back on the charger.

  • LAHLAH Member

    Thank you - I have updated the robot software now to 41.4 and will report back ;)

  • teetee Member

    I have not been able to get my robot to work at all

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @tee Could you please elaborate on your experience?

    a) Is the robot "all dead" i.e. no lights at all?

    b) Are there any messages in the display?

    c) What model do you own?

    Anything you tell more will help 🙂

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