There is no map

When I start the app, display "Ready OK" on the main screen, and then press FloorPlanner or Custom Cleaning, "No map" is often displayed.

Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to access the map. I think it's took too long to read information from the cloud.

I want to set up custom cleaning as soon as I launch the app, but it's frustrating to be made to wait.


  • osamsonosamson Member

    I did a custom cleaning yesterday.

    This morning I opened the app to do the cleaning and opened the custom cleaning screen.

    However, "No map" is displayed on the screen. The same is possible on the floor planner screen.

    I waited a few minutes as it is, but the map is not loaded.

    On the home screen of the app, yesterday's cleaning results are displayed. A green line is also displayed to indicate the zone specified by the custom cleaning.

    The only way to resolve this situation is to exit the app from the task and start it again.


    Purei9 41.14

    Apps 7.6

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